The registration process begins on Dec. 12, 2022 for all individuals who want to request TPS under the designation of Ethiopia. To be eligible for TPS under Ethiopia’s designation, individuals must demonstrate their continuous residence in the United States since Oct. 20, 2022, and continuous physical presence in the United States since Dec. 12, 2022. Individuals arriving in the United States after Oct. 20, 2022, are not eligible for TPS under this designation and may be subject to removal if they have no other authorization to be in the United States. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) estimates that about 26,700 individuals may be eligible for TPS under Ethiopia’s designation.

Individuals applying for TPS under Ethiopia’s designation must submit an application during the 18-month initial registration period that runs from Dec. 12, 2022, through June 12, 2024. When filing a TPS application, applicants can also request an Employment Authorization Document (EAD).

Contact the Law Offices of Mark A. Urbanski PLLC if you are a citizen of Ethiopia wishing to apply for TPS.

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